My Name is Silvia Tomarchio,

I am a fully accredited professional photographer by  The Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

 When I am not photographing weddings/portraits I love to travel and discover new locations, meet random people and share life stories.

From seascapes to landscapes, In Australia and beyond. Create my own world combining images, fine art stories to be told.

My father had the habit of carrying an old antique camera around his neck to capture as many of life’s moments as possible. So when I was unexpectedly born while my parents were on a ship immigrating to Australia from Italy, he was there to capture it frame-by-frame.

Fascinated, I spent hours as a young child studying the photos that documented my dramatic entrance into the world in such unique circumstances. Every time I looked at them, they revealed something new. I began discovering what I can describe as unique dimensions only through the lens I have the ability to see.

Photos allow me to pause to enjoy and absorb each moment, it's all about the light from within, not only seeing but feeling each moment as it is being captured. Forgetting the names of things, transcends it into light, form and shape. A connection to the seen and unseen.

My nieces were my first models. They were like living dolls to me. I would change their clothing and their poses between shots, like playing dress ups and make believe.

My love of photography has engraved deeply into my ‘soul’ over the years. My father – a witness of that – gifted me that very camera that captured my birth once I turned 20 years old. 

Photography/visual art ..... a ‘meditation’ and a ‘relaxation’ tool and finding beauty wherever I go.

My main calling in life is to find ways to help and connect people through photography. My aim is to give all of my images a ‘voice’, an ‘echo’, telling their own story.

I have three beautiful daughters, who are my main priority in life. They are growing into strong independent women discovering their own paths, part of this journey is to share with them that you can still be your own person and follow your dreams despite what life throws at you.  Silvia Tomarchio Photography, based in Melbourne’s Taylors Hill. 

Many refer to me as a business woman,
know myself to be a passionate woman breathing in the moment.